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What We Do

Whether your car has just been dented in a fender bender or is suffering from decades of rust and wear, a professional panel beater is the expert you need to get your vehicle back to tip top shape. At Willton Panel Beaters we specialize in restoring the bodywork on damaged vehicles and our work may be as simple as maintaining the shine and colour on your valuable car asset, or as complicated as machining and reshaping all of the body work after a collision.

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Enquiries- admin@willtonpb.co.bw
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Willton Panel Beaters

At first glance, the body work done by panel beaters may seem to be simple enough for anyone to do in their own garage. After all, most of the work just involves hitting or sanding pieces of metal until they are the right shape. But don’t be fooled into thinking that just anyone can restore your vehicle. Panel beating takes a lot of training and expertise.

Our Customer Care

We come up with a plan for the restoration of your damaged vehicle. Even if the frame is twisted, we will arrange to have that repaired as that is the foundation for the rest of the vehicle. We work with various plastics, fiberglass, steels and metal alloys to smooth out surfaces, fill in dents and fill any holes left by punctures or rust.

Why You Choose Us?

We provide quality

Panel Beating
Expert Chassis Strengthening
Professional Spray Painting
Full Auto Body Polishing
Hail Damage Repairs
Auto Body Touch Up

Our Specialty

We specialize on restoring the bodywork on damaged vehicles and our work vary depending on the damage on your car.

Our Technicians

We are a group of Professional panel beaters who have worked through an apprenticeship and several years of training.

Our Experience

Over the years we have learnt that becoming a top panel beater takes determination, patience and a streak of perfectionism.

panel beating

Time and effort determines what we do and some task can only be personalized to individual needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Before starting any bodywork at Willton Panel Beaters, we may spend time looking over the car in detail. We may also review the car’s original manual and look through archived parts catalogues for specifications about the materials used to build the car.

We often reshape a car’s body by beating plates of steel that have been damaged in a collision. Usually, the panels are removed from the vehicle and various types of metal folding, welding and forming techniques are used to get the right shape.

Often, the metal is placed over a sand mould and pounded gently, filed and shaped until it perfectly matches the vehicle’s original condition. This technique of shaping in three dimensions takes an exceptional amount of skill and persistence and is where the panel beater really shows off his expertise.

Older vehicles often require bodywork to repair damage from rust and road salt. Unlike the aluminum used in modern vehicles, classic cars were often made from steel that corrodes easily. 

As Panel beaters we must use many different tools and techniques in our trade and be able to know how various metals will respond to shaping and be familiar with the production techniques used in every era of car making.

The Willton Team

We are Located at Broadhurst industrial Taurus side facing Taung we are behind Kalahari soap and before Mechanized farming by Tswanatex complex Unit 1&2

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